October 20, 2011

Add Third Party dll in GAC(Global Assembly Cache)

You can only add Strong named dll in GAC folder
Below are the steps to add dll in GAC
1.) Open Command Prompt of window (Go to start-->Run and Type 'cmd')
2.)you need Gacutil.exe which is mostly in the below path on the Drive.
     C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin
3.) In the command prompt go till here by command cd(Change Directory) ie
4.)Now use this command to register your dll in GAC
   gacutil /i mydll.dll


  1. Its good to see this information in your post, I was looking the same. Thanks for the shared information.

  2. Thnk You very much

  3. gacutil /i "C:\Folder\test.dll"