October 21, 2010

GallaryServerPro SetUp From SourceCode

I downloaded GalleryServerPro_V2_3_3750_source from the below link

I am using sqlserver 2008/Visual studio 2008/.net Framework 3.5
Below are the steps I followed to make it work.

  1. Unzip GalleryServerPro_V2_3_3750_source.zip in physical directory.
  2. Open Visual Studio 2k8 
  3. Click On Open web site 
  4. Select folder GalleryServerPro_V2_3_3750_source\Website and Click Ok.
  5. From the solution explorer delete the SqlLite.dll from the bin folder
  6. Copy the content of web_sqlserver_3.5.config  into  web.config(as I am using the sqlserver and .netframework 3.5) 
  7. Open GalleryServerPro_V2_3_3750_source\Website\gs\config\galleryserverpro.config and change the Sqllite provider to SqlServer Provider by replacing 
                      <dataProvider defaultProvider="SQLiteGalleryServerProProvider">
                               to this:
                    <dataProvider defaultProvider="SqlServerGalleryServerProProvider">.

           To Install the database hit the below link
            Follow the wizard Steps and provide the DBserver Information , Database ll be installed 

           To visit the gallary hit the below link

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