October 10, 2010

Performance Counters not able to see in Windows xp

Yesterday I was trying to see my ASP.NET Application Performance but when i clicked on add objects to add the ASP.NET Application in performance counter , No Objects were there.It was a problem of corrupted relevant file.I followed below steps to make it work

1.       Start Regedit.exe. (You cannot use Regedt32.exe because it does not allow searching for registry values.)
2.       Click to select the following key
3.       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
4.       Select Find from the Edit menu.
5.       In the Find What field, type Disable Performance Counters.
6.       Click Find Next. This will locate a Performance key that may have this Registry value set to 1.
7.       If the Registry value is set to 1, set the value to 0 or delete the Registry value.
8.       Press F3 to find the next occurrence of this Registry value.
9.       Repeat the previous two steps until there are no Performance keys that have theDisable Performance Counters value set to 1.
10.   copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\PerfStringBackup.INI from a PC where performance counter  works correctly
11.   cd C:\WINDOWS\system32
12.   lodctr /R:PerfStringBackup.INI

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